Posted on April 3, 2012


Planet Report April 3, 2012:

Whoopi, Mercury the communications and gadget planet goes direct this Wednesday. Direct means his apparent backwards motion stops.  He stands still for a few hours and then heads forward again. It’s time to untangle any miscommunications and prepare to move ahead with projects. First, a caution, Mars the aggressor is still going backwards so don’t start anything now until the 15th.

Today Venus the social goddess and romance deity saunters into Gemini the siblings sign. Most of us will be visiting with close relatives and having a good time. The ladies will be flirty but don’t take it seriously. Venus rules the voice and in Gemini, she can charm a brass monkey off the stand. She’s in the mood to have her ego stroked, so don’t fall for her tricks.

On the 5th

Venus and Neptune have a disagreement. She thinks she’s being very clear but Neptune can misread anything. Mind your words unless you intend to eat them within a day.

The Moon starts this report period in Leo. You know, Leo the me sign. By midmorning, she slides into Virgo. Now the ladies want to straighten the house put everything. For that matter so will the guys. Virgo is a persnickety sign and needs to keep order; at least her idea of in order.

The full moon is at 3:19 PM Friday just in time for rush hour. Be extremely cautious while driving. The Aries full moon impels us to rush, rush, and rush. Take your time and think for you and the other drivers. The moon is in Libra and can’t make up her mind while also hastening. It’s an awful combination. The person driving ahead of you may slam on the brakes and decide to go into reverse.

In chorus with the full moon Venus and Mars, the girl and guy planets are primed to bicker. Just be patient and understand this mood will pass by the end of the weekend.

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