Planet Report March 23 2012

Posted on March 23, 2012


Planet Report March 23, 2012,
Yesterday the 22nd we had a new moon and the next month will spotlight friendships and social gatherings. The new moon is cuddling with Uranus the erratic. Just when you feel things are going well life will pitch a curveball.
Mercury the winged messenger has done an Aztec two-step back into Pisces. Not good. Mercury is the planet of reason and logic and Pisces is the sign of anti logic and confusion. Mercury dislikes illusion and dreams. We can expect to have some bizarre dreams the next couple of week.
Meanwhile Venus the planet of lesser fortune is cuddling with Jupiter the planet of great fortune in the 12th house of concealed matters. The 12th house is also secrets and self-undoing. Please don’t think you’re doing something you can keep hush-hThe 12th house is the matter you think is secret that everyone knows or can guess. Plus, someone will out you.
Mars the hot and violent planet is in the 4th house of the weather and domestic matters. Lay low and don’t antagonize your mate. Mars in the 4th will give us hot dry weather. (My weather predictions are good only for the northeast USA.

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