Planet Report March 7 2012

Posted on March 7, 2012


Planet Report March 7 2012

The big news this week is the potent full Moon across the Pisces Virgo axis. Mars the warrior planet is in the seventh house of war along with the moon. However, Mars is moving backwards and that means he’s avoiding the issues. We have passed a critical point and for now the confrontation with Iran goes on the back burner. Mercury and Mars both in retrograde motion  give us a topsy turvy feeling for the next couple of weeks.

It’s that time to talk about Mercury the chatterbox appearing to be backwards across the zodiac again. Kids old your hats and hunker down.  This retrograde last from March the 12th until April the 14th. It’s time to redo, relax, repair, well you get the idea. We need to stop and scrutinize our plans. Yes, you have a great idea but is it workable? Huh? This is a time to get in touch with old friends and party. Retrogrades are a great time to review not start.

Meanwhile Venus the love planet entered Taurus her home sign. It’s a great time to enjoy the comforts of home. Make the most of life. Venus here is most affable and wants you to come to her. Maybe buy her a nice dinner take her to a show.  It’s definitely not a time to make advances to her. When Venus is here, she wants to be the one to make the moves. She will be coy and maybe even pretend to be shy. Guys if you have any sense let her have her way.

Our lady the Moon is now in Virgo and she stays there until midnight Thursday the 8th. She will be at odds with everyone. But that’s ok, she can never make up her mind or get it together to do anything. She’d rather put it off. On Friday the 9th she enters Scorpio where she’s intense and sarcastic but you can’t fool her now. She will be like that until near sunrise on the Tuesday the 13th.




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